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1919 Transcontinental Military Convoy
D-Day: Saturday 02 MAY 2009
H-Hour: 0800
Range: Over 105 miles

Start: Bicentennial Park, Crowley, TX

Convoy Newsletter Article
Photos of the Convoy
I35W S. of Fort Worth, Exit Rendon Crowley Rd to the West. Stay to the right go from FM1187 to Main St. The park in on the right (North) in a valley. After about 1 mile - turn Right on Prairie View Rd. (residences) and about 3 blocks turn Right on Bovell St. We will park in the SE corner of the parking lot.

Convoy Commander: Tom Essary - 817 713 9338

Pre-register with Convoy Commander
(Name, Phone, E-Mail, Vehicle Desc., Riders )
Use link in the right column

As of 23 MAR 2009 - 6 HMVs and about 10 people are committed

Route Map

Route Summary:
Using country roads (paved) leave Burleson, TX via FM 1187 to Godley, TX for a break.
Continue south to Park Rd 21 and stop at Cleburne State Park for a break, photo op, etc.
Drive west and then north to Nemo, TX and then to Glen Rose, TX for a fuel stop and lunch. A BBQ restaurant is planned. Will verify on a field trip in the Spring.
Return via Brazos Point and stop at the old bridge on the Brazos River for more photos etc. Stop at Cleburne SP and Godley on return trip.
The route is through mostly old farm country, some trees, lots of open fields now with cattle versus cotton.

Suggested Gear etc.

Proof of Current Liability Insurance in the vehicle
Vehicle is Registered
Sign in with Convoy Commander

Please wear a militray uniform if you can. Uniforms are not required.

Bring with you:

  • Sun Block, Sun Glasses, Jackets, etc. Ice Chest, Soda, Water
  • Camera, Video Camera, extra batteries, film etc.
  • Binoculars
  • Extra Fuel, Oil, Water etc. for your vehicle
  • Check everything on your vehicle and the engine warmed up prior to H-hour
  • Drive your vehicle at least 20 miles the week before D-Day.

    Have Fun and share with others!

  • Traveling through NW Arkansas during Red Ballin' through the Ozarks, 03 MAY 2008.


    Militray Vehicle Preservation Assoc.
    Arrowhead MVPA
    Lincoln Highway Association


  • SL 12/8, 1/09 pp 14, 15
  • SL 3/8 pp12, 13
  • SL 10 and 11/08 pp 22,23
  • AM 112 p65
  • SL 5/08 p 16

    Tom Essary driving a "deuce and a half"!
    Keep 'em rollin'!


    In 1919, the US Army's Military Transportation Corps (MTC) undertook a transcontinental Convoy to demonstrate the need for a mechanized Army. This "hooves to wheels" plan to modernize America's fighting force needed an attention-getting event to energize Congress and the citizenry, and parading the Army's military might from coast-to-coast along the new Lincoln Highway was a great way to demonstrate the new vehicles.

    The 1919 convoy objectives:

    1. Put the equipment through as grueling a trial as could be devised.
    2. Study how the varying road conditions affected each branch of the service.
    3. A transcontinental recruiting drive for the Army.
    4. Demonstrate the need for good roads.
    5. And the unwritten objective was to say "thanks" to the American people for their support during WWI.

    The route began at the White House, in Washington, DC and some 3250 miles and 62 days later, ended at Lincoln Park, in San Francisco, CA. This was the first motor transport convoy to cross the US. There were about 81 trucks, cars, motorcycles, ambulances, trailers and tractors involved.

  • BELOW: Planned rest stop and photo op. Retired suspension bridge to the right of a new bridge Brazos River, east of Brazos Point, TX

    Marching Unit Orders

    6 - 9 vehicles.
    Unit Leader - coordinate with Convoy Commander, relay info to the unit.
    Need 2 or 3 volunteers for unit leaders.
    Slower vehicles behind unit leader
    Watch the vehicle in front and back of you do not loose sight of them.
    If you have trouble pull over
    If you see someone pull off the road, pull off the road too. The entire convoy should "ripple" to a stop together.
    Stop early slow down and do not tail gate. Be aware of other cars on the roads.
    We are driving in the country, but there are "city" drivers out there!

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