I try to QSL every HF contact if I get a card I will certainly return one.

QSL Card Circa March 2007
The anvil was on a previous business card that I used to start this card. I have been an amateur blacksmith for many years and it kinda mixes the two hobbies. I use a bunch of the blacksmith tools for my homebrew. (band saw, torch, welder, etc.)

The back ground is the TOPO map with my home approximately in the center.

My Ham History

As a teen in the '70s I hunted SWL DX I logged and QSL'ed about 19 countries I worked on small electronic projects and antennas. I used every walkie talkie I could get my hands on and toward the end of high school worked a mobile CB in the house with a wave vertical at about 25'.

I joined the Navy and learn lots of 'trons as an Electronics Tech. In '97 I got my No Code Tech Amateur License (KD5BWD) and bought some Kenwood HTs. I enjoy Skywarn and a few chats from time to time on 2M hardly use 70cm.

I upgraded to Extra in March 2007 and bought an ICOM IC-730 a couple of weeks later. I had borrowed a Kenwood TS-530 for a few weeks while I found the above purchase. I made a G5RV for 40M-10M and put it up in an afternoon. I used a 14 AWG orange extension cord, stripped off outer cover and the black and green insulation helps hide the antenna. I have enjoyed working several countries and about 29 states and 12 countries and about 20 QSL cards (as of May 2007). I am working on adding to the G5RV, I do have the room for 102'.

I have enjoyed the friendliness of the hams on HF.

I enjoy making my own gear.

Some of my home brewed projects:


2M/440cm J-Pole from 3/8" aluminum rods
G5RV HF antenna - 10-80M
2M Ladder Line J-Pole
440 TV twin lead J-Pole
2M ground plane
9' 3" Whip Base Loaded HF for 20-80M
Lots of antenna poles and mounts ...
Special Thanks for Phil Silas ... his web info was invaluable


30W 2M Amp
HT ear phone and mic
Numerous cables and connectors ... RF and DC ...
Added 30 amp Anderson Powerpoles to all my equipment and cables
8A Solar Charge Controller
Portable power station w/600 W Inverter, GFIC, 12V Batteries etc.

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