1 Icom IC-730 - Mobile HF All Mode Transceiver (10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 40 & 80)
2 MFJ 945C Antenna Tuner
3 MFJ 209 Antenna Analyzer - to tune Antenna Tuner (and the antennas ...)
4 Radio Shack Frequency Counter - to read frequency of the Ant. Analyzer
5 VOM to measure battery voltage 6 11 Ah battery to run IC-730
7 Coax switch - switches the Ant. Analyzer to the Ant. Tuner
8 Black and Decker battery charger/maintainer for #6
9 TNC-X - radio modem for digital comms.
10 Kenwood TH-79A 2M/70cm Handheld. 5 Watts on both bands
11 Clock showing UTC date and time (for logging) with inside and outside temps.
12 Radio Shack 30W 2M amplifier for #10
13 Reused 7A PC power supply, 12V for all the small loads

14 Gottahavem - Head Phones

Antennas All are Home Brew



Left: G5RV/2 51' Wire Antenna with 15.5' of ladder line and RG8X feed line (10-40M) Runs North to South @ 21 in an Inverted V, ends at about 12


Right: J-pole antenna for 2M/70cm @ 38 (3/8 aluminum rods)



Left: 9 3 Military Collapsible Whip Base Loaded Vertical 20-80M @ 10 I made the coil from info at www.ad5x.com - Thanks Phil.


Right: 80M Slinky Dipole at about 9 under the South edge of the roof for NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Sky wave), moving to above the roof performs poorly under the roof.

This was made from 4 Slinkys and center loaded. The grey PVC conduit is just a support to hold the Slinkys when the antenna is collapsed for transport or storage. It also is the mount for the SO-239 and the support rope/string. I use large trot line and a small trot line both are tarred.


Not shown: 2M Ladder Line J-pole, indoors has about a 2.5:1 SWR on 70cm could be used!

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