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Army Jeeps
Keep 'em Rolling

 Arrowhead MVPA Convoy 17 OCT 2009

Before and After
113 Days --- Rust to Road!

Before  After

Frame Serial Number

 Ford GPW-I00709* Before
 jeep Handout Card/Flyer
 GPW-I00709* Dataplate
 Restoration etc.
 After Restoration -- Driving GPW-I00709*
 Restoration of GPW-I00709* (PDF)
 First Shake Down Cruise - JUN 2008 (PDF)
 First Parade - 05 JUL 2008
 A Day or Two in a jeeps Life (PDF)
 SE OK Trip 25-27 JUL 2008 (PDF)
 Jeep Art - a horse shoe! (PDF)
 Story - Week to week updates
 Tools Carried with GPW-I00709* <New 8/08>
 Hints and Tips about jeep Restoration (PDF)

Military Paperwork for Reenectments

 Documents, Graphics, How to....


 1st Snow 12 FEB 2010 (PDF)  20 JUL 2008 (PDF)
 05 JUL 2008 (PDF)
 17 MAY 2008 (PDF)
 13 MAY 2008 (PDF)
 11 MAY 2008 (PDF)
 09 MAY 2008 (PDF)
 03 SEP 2008 (PDF)

Fabrication --- How to ...

 How to make a Hand Crank (PDF)
 Front Bumper Storage (PDF)
 BO Marker Light Blinkers (PDF)

 Cut Stars out of magnetic sheet, purchased from a hobby store.
 Star Outlines - 2 - 6 and 8" (PDF)
 Star Outline - 12" (PDF)
 Reflector - New Lenses (PDF)
 Jeep Cart for the Body Work
 GPS Mount on Steering Colum (PDF) New 5/10
 Lube Oil Ports to top of TCase and Tranny (PDF) New 5/10
 Mechanical Switch for Brake Lights (PDF) New 5/10

Browning Machine Gun - M1919A4

 How to, Semi Conversion, Gas Gun

WWII Bomber Flight

 B-17 Ride - "Liberty Belle" 07 MAR 2009

Warbirds on Parade

 Lancaster TX 05 SEP 2009  Lancaster TX 05 SEP 2010

Korea during WW II and after

Norway Iowa 6440 Miles ==>

 A Ford GPW and Weapons Carrier in Korea (PDF)
 Poem "So you were in Korea" (PDF)

7th Infantry and 17 Infantry Regiment
Grampa "Toby" was in the 17th IR
... served from 1944 to 1946.
The jeep is named in his honor.
 17th IR

Jeep/Military Vehicle Links

 Arrowhead MVPA
 Military Vehicle Preservation Assn.
 Arkansas Travlers MVPA

Jeep/Military Vehicle Parts Links

 Ron Fitzpatrick - Parts & G503 Jeep Forum
 Vintage Wiring of Maine
 Beachwood Canvas
 Walcks 4 Wheel Drive
 Rapco Parts
 Brent Mullins
 Jon Rogers - Jeep Draw
 Wallace W. Wade Specialty Tires

 Jeep Panels Plus
  96 Reservoir Road, South Paris, ME 04281
  Phone: (207) 743-7671  Fax: (207) 743-6867

 820 Jeep
  C/O Bob Bryan  817-478-1711
  6628 Oakcrest Dr. W., Fort Worth, TX 76140
Arkansas Travelers

Red Ballin' Thru the Ozarks
Annual 100 Mile HMV Convoy
Around Fayetteville, AR
Commemerating the 1944 "Red Ball Express"
Supply Convoy In Northern France

 1st 03 MAY 2008
 2nd 24 APR 2009
 3rd 01 MAY 2010 - 200 Photos

Pettit Jean MV Rally
Annual 4 Day Rally
SW of Morrilton, AR

 8th - SEP 2008 - Story (PDF)
 9th - SEP 2009 - Story (PDF)

 Arkansas Travlers MVPA

Fort Hood Historic Military Vehicle Rally

2014 24-26 October

 1 Fri Display

 2 Sat West Range Raid
 Vehicles at Airport
 Waiting at Hangar
 LtCol Martin & Pilots
 WWII Airplanes Landing
 Briefing at Airport
 WWII Aircraft
 Doc Rekker Interview
 Doc Rekker Interview
 Pilot's Interview
 Doc Rekker Interview
 Doc Rekker Interview

 3 Sun Extreme Rocky Raid
 LtCol Martin Brief @ OP
 Looking West from the OP
 HMVs Parked
 LtCol Martin Brief @ Palidins
 M109 Palidin 155MM Self Proppelled - Briefing
 M109 Palidin 155MM Self Proppelled - Briefing
 Sam's M1009 Crashing up the Rocks!

2012 Spring

 1 Thursday - Pass In Review
 2 Friday's Raid - West Range
 3 Saturday's Raid - East Range

2011 Fall


2011 Spring

 Fort Hood
 Saturday Convoy
 Sunday Raid

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