WWII Bomber - B-17 "Liberty Belle" Flight

In a news paper only a few days before the flight I saw that the "Liberty Belle" would be flying passengers out of the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Addison, TX on the weekend. On Thursday I called to make a reservation and Scott told me that he was putting me in the cockpit ... I was astonished, not only did I get a flight this late, but put in the cockpit. WOW!

Saturday 07 MAR 2009, I find out that the first two folks to book on a flight get the front seats ... WOW! again. The breifing was about 30 miniutes before take off. I arrived at about 0930 to a NOON flight. I have lots of time to see the 4 hangars of military aviation history on hand at the museum and get to see the "Liberty Belle" startup, and taxi out for the warm up flight.

More when I can type it up ... the 30 minute flight was well worth the fee. It was great.

Cavanaugh Flight Museum
Liberty Foundation - B-17 "Liberty Belle"

Videos of the Flight and Museum

Taxiing Out - 2.6 MB ~3 min
Airbourne - 6.9 MB ~8 min

Warming Up the Plane - 6.2 MB ~7 min
Hangar Displays - 4.3 MB ~5 min

L- Dick and Flight Engineer         R - Starboard Waist Gunner - Man from East TX

L - Starboard Waist Gunner - Man from East TX, 2nd "Kill"         R - Starboard Waist Gunner - Tom Essary

L - Starboard Waist Gunner - Tom Essary         R - Port Side Forward

L - Port Side Forward, Close         R - Ball Turret

L - Ball Turret         R - Port Waist Gun ( M2 cal .50), you can see the Starbard Waist Gun through the Window.

L - Tail Guns         R - Top Turret

L - Forward Quarter         R - Forward Quarter, close, guns and bomb sight

L - Taxiing         R - Burning off the oil ........

L - Pilot and Copilot, A WWII Veteran Leave the Cockpit         R - Looking out of the Top Turret, from the Rear or Cockpit

L - Cockpit - Port Side         R - Cockpit - Port Side, Low

L - Bomds at the Ready in the Bomb Bay, Port Side, Passage to the Left         R - Watchful Eyes, from the Radio Room

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