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Warning: There are, as with many hobbies, dangers and dangerous procedures involed with many of the articles presented here. Please follow standard safety precautions (Eye and ear protections, fire extinguishers etc to name only a few.) You take all the risk and I bare none. This information is provided as is. You must be responsible and take care to prevent injury to yourself and those around you and your property. I will attempt to point out safety issues if they are not obvious or if I encountered anything that is noteworthy. However I do not bare any responsibility to point out all possible problems.

Use of this material in other publicatons:
If you are part of an ABANA organization, please reprint my material or provide a link to my web site. I only ask that you present all of the material and give me credit for my work and send me a copy of the final publication or an e-mail with the URL where this site is referenced. I provide this with no expectation for reimbursement, but to provide my ideas to those who will use them.

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