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I make a wide variety of items by hand hammering on the anvil, using coal or a propane forge to heat the steel. If you can imagine it, and draw it, I might be able to make it. As my father said, however "The impossible just takes longer." There is a little bit of art in all of what I do, I can hardly do things simple. I like to embelish and pretty things up ... to this end I will probably die a poor man.

Call these things, sculpture, tools, art, junk, whatever you wish. I enjoy hammering and making doo-dads and thingamabobs.

It is of no consequence the destination, it is all in the journey.

There will always be something new or even old that I want to try. I am eager to try things that I have not done before. There is nothing too difficult, I just might not have the time or tools to get there when you need things.

Let me know what you want and then lets see what we can come up with. Draw it, send me a picture of something like what you want, type up a description and lets see where the journey takes up. With or without a map, let's take a treck.

"Armadillion II"

This is a cross betwixt an armadillo and a scropion. This was inspired by a scoprion designed by James Ryan and an armadillo bracelet from a "Children's Highlights" article.
Items we make on Display at the Fort Worth Zoo "General Store" in Texas Wild. We being myself and Chuck Stone of the Master's Forge in Newark, TX. THe shop was reopened in August of 2001, when Chuck and I started hammering on Saturdays and Sundays.    

Various Handles and Working Ends

... fork, steak turner, brand handle ...

Forks & Steak Turners - Avg. $20 each


Minature Horse Shoe - Souvenir

$10 each


Flint Strikers

Avg. $15 each

There are many designs, these are just examples.


Brands - for Cattle or Grilling

Starting at $50 each

HT and 261 Brand ... about 3" wide
The HT is made from 3/8" x 1" bar and the 261 is made from 1/4" x 1/2" bar. The 261 is for a scout troop.


HWB Double Rocker Brand

5" x 7", these range from about 75$.

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