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This is an attachment that I made to connect my Dwalt 4 1/2" grinder to a bench and work it like a cutoff saw. I needed to save space in my shop and money, so I made this from scraps and pieces and did most of the work with a skil saw, since most of the attachemtn is 2 x 4 lumber and plywood. I matched the screw sizes from the two handle holes on either side fo the grinder and bought two screws with nuts (the are 8mm x 15mm). This attaches the grinder to the attachment via two pices of angle iron. The rest if pretty straight forward. The vise is positioned to provide the best cutting from the grinder. I use a "workmate", and a clamp on vise. The attachent is clamped to the movable side of the "workmate" and the vise on the fixed side. The movable side can then be adjusted to provide the best position for the grinder depending on the work that is clamped in the vise.
Here are some pictures from underneath. I have added a larger peice of OSB and to make this like a table saw. You can still see the 2x4 and hinges for the "cutoff saw".

Legend - Angle Grinder - Cutoff DIY

  1. Grinder
  2. Vise
  3. Base to clamp to work bench
  4. Upper Support (3/4" plywood) - better if metal.
  5. Lower Support (2x4 fits Upper Support) - could be metal
  6. Hinge (in red)
  7. Angle Iron to hold Grinder
  8. Bolts and Nuts to fasten Grinder to Angle Iron

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