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New (2001) Scouting Merit Badge Includes Blacksmithing

1940's Boys Scouts
Blacksmithing Merit Badge

To obtain this Merit Badge, a Scout must:

  1. Make an open link of 3/8-inch stock.
  2. Forge a chain hook out of 3/4 x 1/2-inch soft steel, or 3/4-inch round iron.
  3. Make a bolt of 1/2-inch stock.
  4. Bend and weld three links and form them into a chain, these links to be fastened to the hook of Requirement 2 by a ring, and links and ring to be made out of 3/8-inch round iron.
  5. Make a straight cap weld of 1/4 x 1-inch stock.
  6. Make a cold chisel out of 5/8-inch hexagonal tool steel.
  7. Temper a rock drill.
  8. Explain how to harden-and temper a cold chisel.

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