Arrowhead MVPA Convoy Info
October 2009 - Military Convoy
May 2009 Convoy - Crowley, TX

D-Day: Saturday 17 OCT 2009
H-Hour: 0900
Range: Over 70 miles

Start: Waxahachie, TX

Pre Convoy: Arlington, TX
H-Hour: 0730
Range: About 45 miles

Pre Convoy Map

A. Start with anyone driving from Fort Worth, Alrington and north. E.g. not trailering their HMV. Trailer folks are welcome.

C. Stop in Grand Prairie for 1st Pickup
  (S Carrier Pkwy & W Hwy 303, Pioneer Pkwy)
D. Stop in Dallas for 2nd Pickup
  (W Kiest Blvd & S Hampton Rd)

Drive by a War Memorial
  WWII M4 Tractor
  Donated 48 Star Flag
  Fort Worth Ave. & Carrier Pkwy
  Grand Prairie, TX


From Fort Worth
From Dallas

H-Hour: 0900
Range: Over 70 miles

Start: Waxahachie, TX

Convoy Commander: Tom Essary - 817 713 9338

Pre-register with Convoy Commander
(Name, Phone, E-Mail, Vehicle Desc., Riders )
Use link in the right column

As of 01 SEP 2009 - 2 HMVs committed

Route Map

Route Summary:
Using country roads (paved) leave Waxahachie, TX
Procede to Hillsboro, TX for lunch
Supper in Waxahachie upon return.
(Details to follow)

Have Fun and share with others!

"Convoy Ahead" - rolling along in the country is a herd of jeeps making tracks for a cool Saturday drive. 100 miles in the North Texas farm country are 7 historic military jeeps - 02 MAY 2009.


Militray Vehicle Preservation Assoc.
Arrowhead MVPA

Suggested Gear etc.

Proof of Current Liability Insurance in the vehicle
Vehicle is Registered
Sign in with Convoy Commander

Please wear a militray uniform but one is not required.

Bring with you:

  • Sun Block, Sun Glasses, Jackets, etc. Ice Chest, Soda, Water
  • Camera, Video Camera, extra batteries, film etc.
  • Binoculars
  • Extra Fuel, Oil, Water etc. for your vehicle
  • Check everything on your vehicle and the engine warmed up prior to H-hour
  • Drive your vehicle at least 40 miles the week before D-Day.
  • E-Mail Registration Form
    Convoy Survey Form

    Marching Unit Orders

    6 - 9 vehicles.
    Unit Leader - coordinate with Convoy Commander, relay info to the unit.
    Need 2 or 3 volunteers for unit leaders.
    Slower vehicles behind unit leader
    Watch the vehicle in front and back of you do not loose sight of them.
    If you have trouble pull over
    If you see someone pull off the road, pull off the road too. The entire convoy should "ripple" to a stop together.
    Stop early slow down and do not tail gate. Be aware of other cars on the roads.
    We are driving in the country, but there are "city" drivers out there!

    Five WWII jeeps and a Korean War era jeep make a stand on a country highway. A days drive for these war machines. Average speed was 35 MPH and the hilly terrain made for an active trip with these relics all with manual transmissions - 02 MAY 2009.
    Keep 'em rollin'!

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