GI Paperwork

ZIP Of All Files - 16.54M 2011.10.19

How to - Instructions

What Paperwork Did A GI Carry 2.3M
How to Make Old Looking Documents 27k
Matchbooks - How to (pdf) 136k
US Stamps WWII and earlier (Reference) 6.5M


Tank Destroyer Camp Hood TX (pdf) 61k


Army Crest, Early (bmp) 1M
War Department Seal (bmp) 250k
Army Crest (bmp) 148k

Original WWII Documetns

Camp Beauregard, LA - newsletter, 1942 (pdf) 1.3M
Stars and Stripes - Sept. 2, 1943 (pdf) 3.7M

Rome Brochure WWII (pdf) 1.5M
Print order ... odd pages are turned for double sided printing or use in a copier.
Fold in center of pages and trim excess to make booklet match. Folds in fourths along the 14 inches.

Rome Brochure WWII (pdf) 1.5M
Print order, pages not turned.

Other Paperwork

GI Paperwork - Duty Roster

Army Letterhead 307k
Army of the United States, typed out (bmp) 112k
Buck Slip (B 1/141 36th ID) 30k
Duty Roster on Desk (bmp) 555k
Duty Roster 24k
Francs Montage (bmp) 356k
Label, Glue Can 20k
Last Will and Testament 25k
National Service Life Insurance Application 34k
Passes Cards Reciepts 190k
Rations Can Labels 461k
Record of the Soldier 27k
Troop Assignment Card (xls) 16k

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