Jeep Body Cart

A simple "How to ..." from Tom Essary

Be safe and use these ideas at your own risk.

Some folks build elaborate rotisseries I was not fortunate enough to have the room so one. Several others use a simple wheels cart or frame to support and move the jeep body.

This is a simple description of what I use. The parts were all from the junk box so the cost is $0. I choose the width to ensure the cart would go through my yard gate. I store the body parts on the patio and needed a way to get the body back and forth to the garage. The width is 34". The length was at least long enough to fully support the body I think it is 5', it is about 10 inches shorter than the body and happens to be the length of 2x4's that I had on hand. The rectangle of 2x4's is fastened at the corners with 4" wall board screws. 7/16" OSB is used for corner gussets. Again the dimensions are from as found junk box boards. The pieces I started with were about 15" x 18" cut diagonally. These were fastened using 1 " wall board screws. The casters are fastened using " and 3/8" lag bolts. A 2x4 brace is placed diagonal across the frame. After a few days of use, I needed a place so fasten my tie downs straps and added a 5/16" bolt near one corner.

All this was on the fly see the pictures. A problem I have with most projects "Over Engineering!" the better solution is probably Kiss It Short & Simple. This is especially true if you have limited resources limited space and this is the only vehicle that you are restoring. (That is the only one right now until you can convince your spouse that you need another military vehicle to restore.)

The Jeep Cart in Use


The cart is too narrow to fit on the rear wheel wells. A board or steel bar is placed across the cart to support the body when it is bottom side up.

Body on its side on the cart. The tie downs were removed to make pictures of the bottom without the red and blue stipe of the straps in the way. You can see the straps fastened to the cart.