GPW-100709* Restoration

Vital Statistics

  • Frame SN GPW-100709*
       Note the I used for a 1
       The square topped 9
       The star is pointing down
  • Estimated DOD 27 FEB 1943 (Ref. AAW I)
  • Manufactured in Ford Plant, Louisville, KY
  • Estimated Hood Number 200xxxxxx (Ref. AAW I)
    See Images to the Right -------------------------->>>>
  • Engine SN 8366
  • Block Date L 27 3 11
  • Top of block above water pump stamped D 7 3 8
  • Transfer Case T18 Aluminum Tag Stamped J14437
  • Transmission T84A Stamped F15 5D

    Head Cast Ford "F"

  • Before

    Wheel and Axles
    Lube Points - Red Paint
    Transmission & Transfer Case




    Body (Nothing Yet)
    Fabrication - "How to ..."


    Manufactured in the Ford Plant in Luisville, KY. DOD Estimated as 27 FEB 1943.

    Sold by an auto dealer in Grand Prairie, TX to a local man in SEP 1964. The jeep was used on a ranch.

    Sold to a man in Dallas, TX NOV 1979. Engine was rebuilt soon after and only run about 30 minutes. Then jeep was stored inside form some of this time and was not driven much if at all.

    Tom Essary purchased GPW-100709* in DEC 2007 and brought it home in JAN 2008. Starting in DEC some parts were taken off to start the restore ... carburetor, oil filter and air claener.

    20 JAN 2008 Engine Started using Starter Fluid! Voltage Regulator looks like new inside.
    23 JAN 2008 Ran on Carburator for about 40 seconds. Water Leaks hose connection and freeze plugs rusted through.
    ?? FEB 2008 Ran engine for about 2 hours removed everything from Frame, nothing major is broken.

    Condition As Found - 19 DEC 2007

    Description Date/Comments Reference
    Engine SN 8366 Frame SN GPW-100709*
    Block, L 27 3 11, Top of block above water pump - D 7 3 8
    Transfer Case T18 on a Aluminum Tag J14437
    Transmission T84A Stamped F15 5D
    Artic Top - Cab, All Aluminum Introduced > 1950
    Air Filter - Oakes Standard Type Instructions raised letter stamped on body RensJeep (
    Tail Gate - home made MB/GPW did not have a tail gate, spare mounted on the side
    Spare mounted on the side MB/GPW spare was on the back
    Probably moved due to tail gate and mounted 2 jerry can holders on rear
    Emergency Brake in Center of Dash
    Glove Box, Passenger Side
    Shovel/Axe mount Drivers Side
    Wide shield Blocks on Hood - Wooden
    Wheels, slot type, early CJ5 16 x 6.5 RensJeep (
    Front Bumper - wrong has part of both bottom gussets, inside 2"-3" are cut off.
    Brown Distributor Cap
    Transmission Skid Plate Missing
    Wrong Fuel Tank, Home Made
    Two piece hood Angle cover over joint - not GI
    Round Muffler, Left Side Near Drivers Seat, Inside of Frame
    Rear bumper bent in center to accommodate home made trailer hitch mount - Straightened FEB 2008
    Fuel Filter bypassed with inline paper filter
    Steering Attached to Front Axle Housing
    Skid Plate Under Engine Oil Pan
    Notch in Top Center of Dash
    No Vacuum Taps on Side of Intake Manifold, One on Top Connected to wipers - from the artic top.
    MG Mount Sides are Bent Down - e.g. GPW
    Data Plate on Glove Box, Missing
    Civilian Fuel Pump No primer lever, has glass bowl WWII Jeep Guide Book, pg 18
    Crossover tube no sign or bracket or oil fill vent tube
    Down Draft Tube, no cross over vent.
    Dip Stick with Loop, Mid Production Style
    Crank nut - no pin
    Rubber Grommets in fire wall
    Engine Block and Head are painted Grey, other parts are black as expected for a GPW.
    No Speedometer or Cable Was not on jeep when Mike Jay got it. Mike Jay
    Front Axle - Ford, Differential Marked GP 3075
    Rear Axle - Might be Willys has Willys Spring retainers
    Temperature Gauge inoperable
    Although not connected, there was a starter solenoid, electric fuel pump and a turn signal flasher installed
    No Fold down windshield substituted the artic top windshield
    Rear Brake Cylinders - 1", should be 3/4"

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