Events in the History of a World War II Jeep
GPW-I00709* 27 FEB 1943
Date Comments
27-Feb-43 Manufactured in Louisville, KY Ford Plant (Tom Wombolt, g503 Forum)
? ?
? Taylor Motor Co., Arlington, TX (title)
TX License # 2A 2642
14-Sep-64 Pete Swaner, Cost $739 (title)
Grand Prairie, TX - Ranch Jeep for 10 Years
1970 License # 4P9548
1971 License # 4Z8663
9-Nov-79 James Micheal Jay, Dallas, TX Leisure Jeep for 28 years (title & Mike Jay)
Engine was rebuilt by a machine shop. New Pistons . ~1982
Probably set in driveway for about 20+ years.
Registered in TX in 1981-1985 License # PV5862
DEC 2007 Tom Essary purchased to restore (pictures at Mike Jay's home 13 DEC 2007)
No Plates on Truck, Cost $1700
Took off the carburetor and air cleaner to work on them at home.
Somewhere along the way I took some more pictures and cleaned up inside the jeep some.
I was able to bring home a few boxes of old parts found the horn that was nice. It has agreat low sound.
There was one seat cushion partially desteriorated and three tire chains. What a treasure hunt.
19-Jan-08 Trailered to Arlington, Removed grill, fenders, hood, wheels & disassembled Arctic Top
20-Jan-08 Engine Started using Starter Fluid! Voltage Regulator looks like new inside.
23-Jan-08 Ran on Carburator for about 40 seconds.
Water Leaks hose connection and freeze plugs rusted through.
FEB 2008 Ran engine for ~2 hours removed everything from frame, nothing major is broken
Mar & Apr 2008 The days and months ran together during the restore. I finally got to the body
and attacked the front floor first. Cutting it out was easy. Cutting out a new floor
from a sheet. Was fun and interesting and rewarding! I have kept all the old parts
and used the old front floor to mark the holes on the new one.
27-30 Mar 2008 Fitted and welded in Axe Repair Panel and new front floor. Less Hat Channel.
7-Apr-08 Dropped off Body etal for sand blasting
11-13 Apr 2007 Painted Body, wheels etc.
11-May-08 Drove under its own power - 113 Days from Rust to Road! End of Phase I
17-May-08 Clutch problems. "Frozen" throwout bearing. Unable to fix before next wks vacation!
30-31 May 2008 Started removing Engine Saturday Nihgt one nut was stuck Jonathan came over Saturday and made quick work of removing the nut.
The throwout bearing was inplace backwards and forzen up from heat. It is hard to
describe how the fiberous gunk looked where grease should have been. The balls looked OK, but the inner side of the bearing housing was missing and the back face (which was againsted the clucth) was scored and worn. One of the springs was obviously weaker thatn the other two and the flywheel was only worn on 1/3. The other third was rusted and well pitted and did not appear to have bee in contact with the friction disk for many years. A curioius thing is that there were flat washers between the pressure plate assembly and the flywheel. The flywheel was cracked on the inside of the friction side on the thinned part where it is recessed to allow for the attachment bolts and the oil drain holes etc.
3-Jun-08 Finished replacing clucth, flywheel and new starter switch. The new flywheel drags
on the bell housing. Later figure out that this is the wrong ring gear.
Have O'Reilleys Machine shop change out the old ring gear. That works great.
7-Jun-08 Sent in Antique Vehicle Registration Forms
13-Jun-08 Sent in Insurance Forms
14-Jun-08 Clutch is misaligned does not completely disengage.
Might be that the clutch shaft is backwards.
The new carburetor worked great no backfiring, starts fine, runs up to end of 1st gear in seconds!
Suprising accelaration over the Carter carburetor and it miss tuned/dirty etc.
23 MPH in only a few yards, not the entire block as before.
The Solex carburetor seems like a shot in the arm
16-Jun-08 The rear clutch linkage shaft was in backwards and needed the lever hole
drilled out. The jeep drove great with the new Solex Carburetor and clutch/flywheel.
The raditor leaked after heating up. Most everythign else looks great.
The tranny slips out of gear when you slow down ... needs lots more work that
can be provided right now ... leave that for phase 3 or 4 ....
17-Jun-08 Took radiator to a repair shop hope it survives!
Ordered new repo from Brent Mulllins
Made hand rails for rear quarters - to use while four wheeling to keep the kids
in the back save on mercurochrome ;-)
18-Jun-08 Installed a new radiator and it drives great. Discovered low oil - the loose top on
the oil filter canister spewed out more oil than I thought. Also I did not add more
oil to compensate for the empty oil filter cannister doh!
Mounted grill and head lights - hopefully for the last time for a while ... still need
to add the felt for the grill ... that can wait.
Shifting to 2nd is poor ... jumps out of 2nd and 3rd ... someday an tranny overhaul
I will wait for that, but looking forward to it!
23-Jun-08 Shake Down Cruise - 90 miles in SE OK. Busted lower radiator hose, replaced both. Engine temp ran about 140 F all the way. Only raised a bit when going real slow. Not bad when running 4 wheel drive in the gravel pit. Climbs hills great. Used the new rear handrails ... might need some padding, but worked great. The use of the rear seat cushion on one wheel well and another civilian seat coushion on the other was great too. Use nylon trot line to tie the cushions in. Leaving the tail gait off and using the old "L" shaped trailer hitch plate for a step made loading and unloading folks easy. No instructions reqiured! Stay at Treetop View Cabins in Cedar Shack near Batteist, OK
28-Jun-08 Trip to Tishomingo, OK for Tom's 30th HS Class Reunion.
Blown head gasket replaced. Worked at Charlie Locke's shop.
Working great. The head lights were a must and drove at night for the first time.
Also "Toby" was in its first rain. Drove all over the Ravia 12 acres. Rocks, trees, stumps, grass, the dry pond. The big rocks were too much, but I took some good picutres on several out crops. I am happy with them and the trip was great. Was able to climb out of a creek bed at about a 60 degree angle. Slow and easy.
5-Jul-08 First Parade - Granbury, TX about 8 miles. No mishaps.
The engine temp stayed at about 160 F while going about zero MPH. Used 4x4 LOW in first gear no problems. Dead slow at idle and even used the throttle control when we needed a bit more speed about 3 MPH on the straight stretch!
9-Jul-08 Purchased windshield glazing exact match for the Arctic Top
10-Jul-08 Received Collector's Insurance affective at mid-night tonight!
10-Jul-08 Received Antique Vehicle Plates - expires 2013
11-Jul-08 Demoed "Toby" for 5 co-workers. Gave 2 rides
Heading to SE OK for a weekend driving through this hills.
11-Jul-08 2 Days in SE OK about 130 Miles with 20 miles in the rough. Stayed at Cedar Valley, Eagle cabin. Great place.
800' elevation changes over rocky washed out roads and muddy valleys.
Odometer rolled over past 334 Miles! No dificulties.
25-Jul-08 Demoed "Toby" for 6 co-workers. Gave 2 rides
Heading to SE OK for a weekend driving through this hills.
25-Jul-08 Three days and 96 miles on mostly dirt and rocks. Peckerwood Cabins, Smithville, OK - Sunrise cabin -- 2 story A Frame ... great accomidations.
Developed a clunking in the front end not as promenint in 2WD. Figured out the voltage regulator problem. Two relays were not grounded. All of the circuit board screws were missing. Only had one screw that matched (used the ground strap screw for the V/R. Wrapped a wire around one ground lug and under the screw attached to the other. Charging was great ... drove about 30 miles Sunday and the cycle appeared to be normal. Have not had time to test the battery with a hydrometer. Got the distributor wet and had to dry it out twice ... mud holes are great! Need new front shocks, the passengers side shock lost its oil. The folding windshield was invaluable and worked great. NOTE: When the windshield is folded down it holds copious amounts of water ... muddy water, that is! The odometer reading is over 540 miles.
2-Aug-08 First PM - 550 Miles
Front Diff - could not reach oil, similar for right knuckle. Left knuckle, not bad
Rear Diff normal level. All the grease zerks were normal, one or 2 pumps were sufficient
Engine Oil is always about 1/2 qt low constant refilling
Gas milage has been about 10 MPG ... mostly account for this from lots of rough trail drivng and might need to adjust carburetor ... not in a hurry.
Need better access to tranmission and tranfer case ... added about 2 cups oil to tranny.
Transfercase needed about 2 pts.
Wonder how an el and an extenson would work out, esp. for the transmission?
The clunking sound "in the front end" was a broken rear muffler hanger. Replaced the rubber with some tire sidewall saved for that purpose. --- NO more clunking.