This is a 1978 Honda CB400 Front Brake Caliper

I found a picture to match on E-Bay.

It is on a 1982 Suzuki GN250Z.

The wheel says HONDA on the black plastic block at the end of each spoke.

Back of Caliper says TOKICO and C 1

The pads have this stamped on them - TOKICO and JB JP8D FE

This is from a 1982 GN250Z. The forks used the correct seals for the GN250Z, but the service manual and all the micro-fiche show drum brakes. Not to make things easier the wheels are from a Honda.

The forks match the '78 CB400 ... I finally found the microfiche on-line.

Nothing is broken, but I expect that the pads will be wearing out someday (duh!) and I will probable want to repalce all the seals etc. To do this I need to know what part numbers what make model year engine etc this caliper matches.


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