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 First Shoot
 Gas Gun Combustion Chamber
 A Simple Single Cartridge Linker (PDF)

In NOV 2008 I purchased an Isreali parts kit in 7,62 NATO. The kit was complete lacking only the typical: right side plate (RSP), new sear and trigger, the machining of the lock, bolt and barrle extentions and rivets. The kit also included to my suprise a safety lock. I intended to make one, so now I only need a rivet.

I chose KMP for the machining and semi parts. It was one stop shopping and aftr looking at dozens of prices from all over and reading lots of reviews, KMP was on top in all catagories. TomT responded quickly to all of my e-mail requets and when I had a chance to chat with him on the phone he was very polite and helpful.

I own a 1943 Ford GPW jeep and am making a step mount for the BMG. Even though 7,62 NATO is not a WWII ammunition type, I expect that this ammunition will be easier to find and cheaper than 30-06. I have lots of belted dummy 30-06 for static display and unless someone looks real close they should not be able to descern the chambering. Also in a reinactment, etc. I doudt anyone will be close enough to tell either.

First Live Fire

A Novemeber Saturday afternoon in 2009 and about 300 rounds of FMJ.
Myself and 2 brothers in law and 40 acres in surraounded by more woods
There was hardly a sound ... especially after we donned hearing protectiong.
The boom, boom, boom and the dirt flying down range was super.
We took turns and fired about 20 rounds each go 'round.

In less than an hour we were out of ammo, but very happy.
A walk down range showed pint size holes in the mud or soft dirt.
We dug out some bent copper and re-solidified lead.

It was wonderfull
This was the first time to fire live ammo in an Isreali M1919A Semi-Auto Build.
We discuvered that the extractor spring was missing, but the BMG ran well.
There were a couple of missfeeds or other trouble, but nothign to raise an eyebrow.
There was enought lube and headspace etc.

Two weeks back a 3 hour boiling vat and the parts were parkerized.
Then a few hours hammering and the riverts were set.
The previous weekend saw a WWII reenactment and about 200 rounds of blanks flawlessly.
This BMG is so much fun.


1943 Ford GPW Army Jeep named "Toby" This photo was prior to the Fort Worth, TX 2009 Veteran's Day Parade.

Blank Firing Adapter

A BFA blocks off the outlet of the barrel bushing to create enough back pressure to operate gun to cycle the bolt etc. There are lots of "how tos" and I adapted them to my needs and tools.

Simplified, I started with a 1/2" carriage bolt 1 1/2" long. I bored a 1/4" hole through the center along th elong axis. This is the drill diameter for a 5/16" bolt. I threaded the head of the bolt for 5/16"-24 and only tapped to a depth to just allow the shortest set screw to rest flush with the top of the bolt head.

Used 4 set screws. One is not drilled, the others are drilled for 0.162", 0.149" and 0.128". There will be a bit of "leakage" around the 1/2" carriage bolt which should not be a huge factor ... especially as the idea is to releive some pressure. After all we are drilling a hole in the BFA. The 5/16"-24 set screw has a 3/16" allen head, which is smaller than the 0.162" hole. This was not a problem as the hole was drilled from the "bottom" of the screw and did not cut into the allen head flats.

I started with 0.162" as one of the blank distributors recomeneded that for there ammo. The three sizes will allow for some experimentation and the undrilled set screw will allow for another other hole size if the others don't work.

I will remove the zinc and blue the BFA ... might even stamp it with a "TE09" or something like that.

I hope to make a "T" wrench for the BFA instalation/removal ... one side will be 3/4" socket to attatch the BFA to the barrel bushing and one side of the handle will have a 3/16" allen wrench attached so the two tools will not be separated.

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